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To all of you who made the decision to buy a Subscription to the CIDataSolutions™ Web application; in the name of all of those who design and maintain this IoT application at its best; we say:

Thank You very much!

CIDataSolutions™ Team


We are proud of the products we are offering and we want you to have the best experience possible with our Web Applications.


Thanks to the Web! No matter how long you stay with us, you will always use the latest revision of our applications and tools without having to go the fastidious way of download and installation procedures.


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What you are just about to learn is how to install, configure and use the Convergence Instruments solution for accessing your WiFi™ instruments's data through the Cloud. The secured web site and application that allows you to do that easily and efficiently is called CIDataSolutions.

Convergence Instruments WiFi™ instruments supported by CIDataSolutions™ are:

Type of Instrument

Models supported by CIDataSolutions™

Sound-Level WiFi™ enabled meters/dataloggers:

Noise Sentry RT-W



Vibration WiFi™ enabled meters/dataloggers:



hmtoggle_arrow1Description of WiFi™ instruments supported by CIDataSolutions™:

Sound Level Meter Data Loggers:


Product Description

The Wireless Sound Level Meter Data Logger NSRTW_mk2 is the second generation of Convergence Instrument's WiFi™ enabled smart integrating sound-level meter/datalogger. It includes a type 1 digital MEMS microphone, an accurate date/time clock, a non-volatile 128 Mb recording memory and wireless connectivity with fast USB and WiFi™ download.

Running on battery, it can record sound pressure levels and report them through WiFi™ for a week. Connected to an external USB charger it can record and report for months. Its very small size allows it to be attached to or embedded within the monitored equipment.

Every Wireless Sound Level Meter Data Logger NSRTW mk2 purchased is provided with an Individual Manufacturer's Certificate of Calibration from Convergence Instruments. This all-digital design includes the A, C and Z weighting curves. It is enclosed in a completely weatherproof casing which is designed for indoors and outdoors applications.. Its highly sensitive Type 1 MEMS microphone has a noise floor of 30 dB-A, and is ultra stable with time and temperature variations. The software includes an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer features, as well as email alarms.

New Features of the NSRTW_mk2

Complies with the precision requirements of ANSI S1.4 and IEC651 standards - Type I
Type I precision (bandwidth selectable between 16 kHz and 20 kHz)
"Z" weighting (in addition to A and C)
Open TCP/IP protocol to facilitate custom user applications/instrument interface
Server access via a domain name
Direct email alarms (no need to transit through the server)
Fast USB and WiFi™ downloads
Real-time recording while connected to PC (Use of the SLM as a high quality digital microphone at 32 kHz and 48 kHz sampling rates)
New "universal" Manager application that can manage any instrument in the Noise Sentry RT series

Wireless Sound Level Meter Data Logger NSRTW_mk2 Applications

Sound level and acoustic dose measurement and recording.
Monitoring of safe working conditions.
Activity detection and logging.
Long-term measurement and recording of acoustic levels for environmental impact studies.
Specially designed for long-term outdoors applications.

Vibration Meter Data Logger:

VSEW_mk2 Instrument picture

The Wireless Vibration Meter Data Logger - VSEW_mk2 - 8g is a new model in the VSE series of smart vibration data loggers. It can record accelerations, vibrations, velocities and inclinations. It includes a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, an accurate date/time clock and a non-volatile 128 Mb recording memory. Depending on the settings it can record acceleration or velocity signals and/or RMS levels for months. Its very small size allows it to be attached to, or embedded within, the monitored equipment.

The Wireless Vibration Meter Data Logger - VSEW_mk2 - 8g model is an evolution of the Vibration Sentry E model.

The VSEW_mk2 has the following new features:

Can measure, record and trigger on velocity signals, in addition to acceleration signals.
Has WiFi reporting and email alarms.
Includes an accelerometer with exceptional noise floor (20 times better noise floor than the Vibration Sentry E - 16g).
Sampling rates up to 4 kHz.
Improved anti-aliasing filter.

The VSEW_mk2 vibration meter data logger is ideal to monitor very low vibration levels, such as ground tremors and floor vibrations.

VSEW_mk2 Applications

Building-health monitoring on construction sites.
Long-term seismic monitoring.
Long-term inclination monitoring.
Long-term measurement and recording of acceleration signals, velocity signals, signal statistics (peaks and average) and RMS levels.
Continuous monitoring of machinery wear.




CIDataSolutions is a Trade Mark of Convergence Instruments and Trovema Technologies Inc.




to the secured CIDataSolutions Web Application. You can open this application with your preferred browser at the following URL:


hmtoggle_arrow1Supported Browsers:

Known compatible browsers are:


Internet Explorer, Edge: Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Google Chrome: Trademark of Google.

FireFox: Trademak of Mozilla Foundation.

Safari: Trademark of Apple Computer.


A registered user can have access to his Convergence Instruments WiFi™ instrument's recorded data the easy way, using a personal computer or a mobile device, whenever he wants, where ever he is, as long as he has a solid connection to the Internet. This Web solution is part of the IoT (Internet of Things) world.


The CIDataSolutions Web Application works in close collaboration with Convergence Instruments's "Instruments Manager"1, Convergence Instruments's "Instruments Listener"2 and Convergence Instruments's website3 to ease the installation and configuration processes of Convergence Instruments WiFi™ instruments as well as the management and purchasing of related subscriptions. Customer benefits the easiness of instruments configuration, and the rapid viewing of instruments related recorded data.


WARNING: The Web Help for CIDataSolutions™ Web Application refers to chapters of the Instrument User's Manuals.

hmtoggle_arrow1Supported versions of the Instrument User's Manual at the moment are:


Associated User Manual

Noise Sentry RT-W

Noise Sentry RT-W User's Manual


NSRTW_mk2 User's Manual


VSEW_mk2 User's Manual

For all of the CIDataSolutions users, no matter the Convergence Instruments WiFi™ instruments you own, the references and hyperlinks are given for the latest revision of the Instrument User's Manuals. Make sure you always select the right instrument you want to follow.





Note 1:  Instrument Manager program must be run when connecting an instrument to the USB port of your Personal Computer. Some of the Instrument Manager's functions will interact with CIDataSolutions Web Application when configuring the instrument.


Note 2:  Convergence Instruments's Instrument Listener continuously run in the background of the CIDataSolutions Web Application when your are connected to your CIDataSolutions Business Account.


Note 3: Convergence Instruments Web Store transfers your subscription's information to CIDataSolutions Web Application when: buy your first subscription; or buy more subscriptions; or renew one of your existing subscription.

To apply modifications to your Business Account's information, please connect to your CIDataSolutions™ Business Account and use the available tools to edit/modify/update related Business information.



Once your first instrument installation and configuration is completed, you will be able to do all of the following4 actions with your CIDataSolutions™ Web access:

1.Manage your CIDataSolutions™ account, meaning:
1.Manage your business information.
2.Manage your subscriptions and the instruments activation/deactivation for those you own or have access rights to.
3.Manage as many users as you want for your Business Account with CIDataSolutions™. Give those users rights and accesses. Assign specific instruments to each one of them.
2.Manage your instruments and their related recording (wlg) files.
3.View your instruments recorded data in a graphical way:
1.Instrument's temperature over time (health).
2.Instrument's battery voltage over time (health).
3.Instruments Sound levels or Vibration levels recorded data for a specific period of time of your choice.
4.Pan and zoom specific areas of concern.
5.You can also capture your graphics in jpeg format and paste those images inside your reports.
4.Receive Alarm e-mails from your instrument (from when "Sound Level" or "G Level" has reached its threshold point or when instrument's battery has fell below a critical voltage.


Health graphs example:


Health graphs


Noise graph example:


Sound graph


Acceleration graph example:


Acceleration graph


Note 4:

There are three types of Users associated with each CIDataSolutions™ Business Account, which are:

the regular "User" profile,
the "Billing Contact" profile,
the "Account Administrator" profile.

Privileges and access rights associated to each user type are different. The "Account Administrator" has them all and he can configure each privileges and access rights of his colleagues of type "User" or "Billing Contact" from those available for each profile.

Note: As for this Web Help, we are always showing the screen captures and views corresponding to the "Account Administrator" profile and his available tools.


This CIDataSolutions™ Web Help will guide you through the basic procedures for better installing your Convergence Instruments WiFi™ instruments and their related setups so you can quickly and easily collect or manage the recorded data from your instruments. This guide will also provide you with in-depth knowledge about CIDataSolutions™ toolbox.



hmtoggle_arrow1CIDataSolutions™ Integrator:

Integrator: An individual or a firm who provides integrated services in their offering to clients of speciality niches such as information systems for large companies, cities, government agencies, and much more. They can make extensive use of the CIDataSolutions™ API to access the Convergence Instruments WiFi™ instruments recorded data; without going to the Internet with a browser; and easily integrate this information inside their own solution.

Note: Integrators don't have to own a Business Subscription to CIDataSolutions™ Web Application to monitor Convergence Instruments WiFi™ Instruments for their clients, but all their clients must have their instruments covered by such a subscription to the CIDataSolutions™ Web Application to allow those integrators access to the recorded data of their clients.

They also need a free of charge Integrator's Subscription to get their unique ISN (Integrator Serial Number) for identification purposes in a secured environment (no Hacking!).


There is no cost associated to becoming an integrator with CIDataSolutions™, but integrator needs first to request his free "Integrator Subscription" to receive his credentials to securely access CIDataSolutions™ API. The instruments ID they request recorded data for must be covered by a subscription to CIDataSolutions™ taken for all instruments their clients own.


The CIDataSolutions™ API proposes a simple "Command Set" covering several Requests for specific instruments serial numbers "ISN"s integrators have access rights to.


User_name: The name that will identify you, the user, during your CIDataSolutions™ work session. It is also true for the integrator communicating to CIDataSolutions™ Web Application when using the CIDataSolutions™ API services.

SN: Serial Number of the instrument.

ISN: Integrator Serial Number. The ISN is unique to each integrator and essential for all communications with the CIDataSolutions™ API.


CIDataSolutions™ API Specification Document: This document is available under the link "Get our API on located on the bottom of the public login page:

Login page - empty

hmtoggle_arrow1Would you like to become one of the CIDataSolutions™ Integrators?:

If you are collecting Convergence Instruments Recorded Data for your clients and want to enhance your offer, you could become one of the CIDataSolutions™ Integrators. It will help you retrieve the recorded data for all of your client's instruments, through calls to the CIDataSolutions™ Web Application API, without opening your browser. You can easily integrate the API's "Commands Set" (calls) inside your own application program.

To do so, just follow this guide:

When you are on the CIDataSolutions™ Login page, you see a "Get our API" hyperlink, located at the bottom right corner, meant for subscribing to our CIDataSolutions™ Integrators Program, or for receiving our API Document Package at your email address. Simply click on the "Get our API"  hyperlink to continue.

Login page - empty

You will then be asked to either:

1.Get your free of charge Integrator's Subscription: "If you would like to use our API (Application Programming Interface) in your own environment, click here.";
2.Get our CIDataSolutions™ API document in pdf format: "Download our API documentation.";
3.Receive your ISN by email in case you have forgotten it: "Forgot your ISN?" Enter your valid e-mail below and you will receive an email from with your ISN inside.

Integrator Subscription


hmtoggle_arrow1        Get your free Integrator's Subscription:

A mouse click on that "click here" hyperlink launches the Integrator's Subscription form. Simply fill all the fields in the form and click on the Submit Green Button "Submit" button when you are done. The following screen capture shows an example of a filled form:



You should receive your ISN (Integrator Serial Number) by email at the address you have entered in the form.


Example of an email sent by CIDataSolutions™ to Integrator's email address with your personal ISN:

API - Integrator email with ISN


WARNING: Keep your ISN confidential!

After clicking on that hyperlink, your browser will immediately open a pdf formatted document at URL:

You can also download it to your Personal Computer for future reference, or you can read it online.

This guide is also available inside our Web Help.

You can easily recover your Integrator Serial Number "ISN" by writing your email address in the box, followed by a mouse click on the Submit Grey Button "Submit" button, for receiving your "ISN" at the email address used with your Integrator's Subscription.

Integrator Subscription


API - Forgot your ISN

The ISN email you receive from should look like the following:

API - Your forgotten ISN email

The CIDataSolutions™ API proposes a simple "Commands Set" covering several Requests for specific instruments models and serial numbers "SN"s Integrator has access rights to.

FileExt: (File Extension) Used in conjunction with FileName when retrieving a file from a specific URL in the Internet world.

FileName: A parameter used in a POST when retrieving a file from a specific URL in the Internet world.

get: The action to retrieve something from a specific URL of the Internet.

ISN: Integrator Serial Number. The ISN is unique to each integrator and essential for all communications with the CIDataSolutions™ API.

POST: The action "to post" something when sending a form over the Internet.

SN: Serial Number of the instrument.

Status: HTTP status code of response.

User_name: The name that will identify you, the user, during your CIDataSolutions™ work session. It is also true for the integrator communicating to CIDataSolutions™ Web Application when using the CIDataSolutions™ API services.


CIDataSolutions™ API Specification Document

Now you simply need to get familiar with the API to integrate its "Commands Set" inside your own application. For more information on the CIDataSolutions™ API, you can either read the API's pdf Document you downloaded or read it online: "CIDataSolutions™ API Specification Document".

hmtoggle_arrow1Would you rather want us to integrate our API inside your own application?:

If you are looking for someone to develop your own application or integrate our API inside your application, please contact us at CIDataSolutions™. 

Trovema Technologies is your best way to go because we are the developers of CIDataSolutions™ Web Application as well as the CIDataSolutions™ API.

Contact us to start the discussion around your requirements.